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Selwyn Wilson
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Born in Houston, Texas, Selwyn Wilson, presently resides in Star Harbor, Texas. After school and marriage, she moved to Denver, Colorado, where she and husband, Floyd raised their 3 children while working in the corporate oil and gas exploration world. An avid amateur photographer, the mountainous area afforded many glorious opportunities for the art of photography.

After returning to Texas in the early 1990’s, watercolor seemed to be an extension of the photography, and she began a new phase of art exploration.
Having no professional training or background, she began taking art classes from local teachers, who inspired and encouraged a  basically “left brain thinker”. With many hours of classes, some from nationally known artists, like Charles Reid and Janet Rogers, the “right brain” began to emerge and hopefully, with countless more hours of practice, she will become “Right-Brained”.

“My time is shared with seven “Grands” and…my love of painting watercolors”. With the future, will bring more time to indulge this newly found passion.

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