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Diane Marilee Gard
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Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Diane had a wide breadth of interests, and a thirst for knowledge and enjoyed creating things. She has completed a Doctorate in Psychology with a specialty in Neuropsychology and has enjoyed more than 35 years of service in helping others. Outside of high school courses, Diane had never really studied art but had an appreciation for the human brain and its capacity to be creative and to inspire others.

It was in 2008 when Diane escorted her mother on an art workshop trip to Greece that she was introduced to watercolor painting. The students took lessons from Leona Brown every morning and had to present their works for critique every evening. It was an implosive learning experience; scary, but also thrilling to see what could be created from the mind to the paper. She enjoyed learning, exploring techniques and being with other artists. It became one of her favorite past times. She began exploring art classes in pastels, oil painting, and acrylics.

Upon moving to the Cedar Lake area, Diane sought out local artists, taking oil painting with Bruce Peil, and workshops with the Star Harbor Watercolor Society, studying with Bonnie Broitzmann, Debbie Cannatella, Joyce Hicks, Sharon Rouse, Jerry Stitt, David Tripp, Ann Moye, and others. She has entered the Henderson County Art Show and won a second place ribbon for beginning artists (her mother won first and third) in 2010 and won a first place ribbon in the Intermediate artist category in 2011. “I love to paint and find it’s good for the mind, heart and soul.”

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