August, 2014
SHWS Newsletter

We are in the "dog days" of summer and everyone is moving a little slow because of the heat and the on going "fun in the sun" at the lake. Well, school is about to start back up and summer fun at the lake will be bowing out over the Labor Day Holiday. Whew! I don't know about you but I am ready to get our art club schedule started back up!!! Like some of you I find painting an escape and much needed therapy.

To get us kick started back up after a busy summer we have a business meeting scheduled for Sept. 5th at 9:30 in City Hall. During this meeting the slate of names for our next term of officers will be presented. It is also your last day to cancel the Frank Eber workshop (Oct. 1,2,3).

After the business meeting we will have a FUN FILLED workshop titled "Start Me Up!" The objective is to loosen us up and have fun doing it! This workshop will be provided by Sharon Benningfield, Carolyn Seely and Selwyn Wilson. The basket will be set out to cover your supplies. Materials that you will need to bring with you are:
wear old clothes
1/2 sheet
large brushes
your regular stuff
an open mind
expect the unexpected
Refreshments will be provided by the September Committee (Sharon Mary Jo, Earlene)

I look forward to seeing you all and I'm excited about the wonderful events we have in store for this club in the next few months.
Call or email the member who owns the DVD you would like to borrow and work out a plan for getting and returning it. 
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Featured Artist on DVD
Title of DVD
Member to contact

Don Andrews                      Making Watercolor Glow                          Lou Sutton
Jane Paul Angelhart           The  Watercolor Portrait                           Pat Herring
                                             (Portrait of a Young Boy) 

Sue Archer                         Commanding Color                                  Rosalie Babler
Stephen Blackburn             Pour It On                                                Rosalie Babler
Carl Dalio                           Color Power, The Path to Visualization    Rosalie Babler
Skip Lawrence                   The Secrets of Color:                               Pat Herring  or
                                            Value, Hue, & Intensity                            Carolyn Seely
Chuck McLachlan              Less is Better                                           Carolyn Seely
Chuck McLachlan              Simple and Loose, Painting                     Carolyn Seely
                                            the Essence of What You See
Ann Pember                       Painting in the Flow of Watercolor           Sharon Benningfield
Julie Gilbert Pollard            Painting Cascading Water,                      Rosalie Babler
                                            Watercolor Unleashed
Janet Rogers                     Expressive Watercolor Portraits               Pat Herring
Janet Rogers                      Watercolor Rhythms With Figures           Carolyn Seely
 Don Andrews                      How To Loosen Up                                  Club Secretary*
 Birgit O'Connor                   Watercolor White                                     Club Secretary*
Birgit O'Connor                   Flowers and Water Drops                         Club Secretary*
Tony Van Hasselt                Fun With Figures                                     Club Secretary*
Jan Fabian Wallake            Fun and Easy Special Effects                  Club Secretary*
Joyce Faulkner                  Crystal and Glass                                     Club Secretary*
Frank Webb                        Painting by Design                                   Club Secretary*
*To contact the Club Secretary, click here
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