Babler, Rosalie

Bass, Celia

Benningfield, Sharon
Her paintings


Cunningham, Ed

Dosser, Toni

Ellis, Judy
Her paintings

Fitzwater, Norma
Her paintings

Gard, Diane Marilee
Her paintings

Keith Harrison

Natalie Higgins

​​Rebecca Hisey

​​​Jane Joplin
​Anne Miller

​Ormand, Roylynn

Her paintings

Perdue, Viola

Linda Perry
​Riewer, Maxine
Her Paintings

Seely, Carolyn
Her Pintings

Smith, Tina​
Her paintings

Jan Sullivan​​​​

​Sutton, Lou

Terry, Celene
Her paintings​​​​

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President - Rosalie Babler
Vice President - Norma Fitzwater
Secretary - Jane Joplin
​Treasurer - Selwyn Wilson​

We'd like to hear from you!
Email President Rosalie Babler here

Come and paint with us on any Friday starting a 9:30a.m. at Star Harbor City Hall, 99 Sunset Blvd., Star Harbor, Tx 75148
Join Us!

Anyone who wants to join the group is welcome. Prospective members are not expected to be accomplished artists, just to share the “love of art.”  The group is also open to people who don't want to paint but are just interested in art.

For more information on membership, please contact President Rosalie Babler here.
The purpose of this society will be to develop the education of its members and stimulate the public interest in watercolor by sponsoring exhibits.
Members (continued)

Sue Lynn Trent
​Peggy (Moggy) Williams

​Wilson, Selwyn
Her paintings
Star Harbor Watercolor Society