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Don Andrews                                    Making Watercolor Glow                          Lou Sutton
Jane Paul Angelhart                         The  Watercolor Portrait                           Pat Herring
                                                              (Portrait of a Young Boy) 

Sue Archer                                        Commanding Color                                  Rosalie Babler
Stephen Blackburn                            Pour It On                                                  Rosalie Babler
Carl Dalio                                          Color Power,                                              Rosalie Babler
                                                              The Path to Visualization
Skip Lawrence                                  The Secrets of Color:                               Pat Herring  or
                                                              Value, Hue, & Intensity                            Carolyn Seely
Chuck McLachlan                             Less is Better                                           Carolyn Seely
Chuck McLachlan                             Simple and Loose, Painting                     Carolyn Seely
                                                              the Essence of What You See
Ann Pember                                     Painting in the Flow of Watercolor            Sharon Benningfield
Julie Gilbert Pollard                          Painting Cascading Water,                       Rosalie Babler
                                                             Watercolor Unleashed
Janet Rogers                                   Expressive Watercolor Portraits               Pat Herring
Janet Rogers                                  Watercolor Rhythms With Figures           Carolyn Seely
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