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Born in Wichita Falls, Tx., Judy presently resides with her husband, Don, in Star Harbor, Tx., located on Cedar Creek Lake in east Texas. Prior to this, Judy and Don lived in Irving, Tx. for almost 40 years. While in Irving, being wife and mother to two wonderful kids, Judy owned and operated a dress shop for 15 years, bowled, played bridge, racquetball and tennis…..Always saying she would get into some kind of art, one of these days…after all her major was art education.

Well, moving to Star Harbor was the best thing for them. Not only do she and her husband play golf and bridge (and a LOT of other things, too), Judy joined the Star Harbor Watercolor group. “I love looking at a tree and seeing all the different colors of brown in the trunk…..and how many different shades of green in the leaves….the blues and oranges in a sky.”

Watercolor is amazing to me and so is the wonderful group of ladies I paint with!

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